Sweet Escape Tigawasa : The Humble Sugar Factory

super hot caramel that soon will be solidified into a sugar block.

super hot caramel that soon will be solidified into a sugar block.

Made Sinta and his wife, Kadek Singsing along with their adolescence boy Prasita is a full time farmer who are live in the middle of a cloves farm own by a local landowner in Tigawasa Village, Buleleng, North Bali. Aside as being a cloves farmer, Made Sinta and his family are a notable Palm Sugar farmer in the village.  Month of July is quite a busy month in the village as the cloves harvest time is on the table and Galungan & Kuningan Holy day are on the horizon, and it's mean orders for a sweet palm sugar are increasing, and this family have to split duties among themselves to get things done during this busy month. 

early in the morning before harvesting the cloves and in the afternoon after the harvest time, Made would climb up the Jaka Tree ( a type of a palm with a marble shaped fruit) to hit the stem of the young fruit with a wooden mace followed by cutting down the stem to harvest the sweet palm wine. 
The sweet palm wine then brought down and handed over to his wife Kadek to be cooked in a big wok in a traditional kitchen and get heated with a small fire from a firewood. Up to a certain degree of cooking, then the palm wine’s colour would turned brown and then followed by print them up with a coconut shell.  The sugar then never reach the mass market as all of them are sold upon request. 

how a simple process in life are shaping the world where we live in.


Made Dwicahyana Putra